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Uniqium is an AI-powered brainstorming tool for creative businesses. Eliminate the need for long, ineffective meetings today!

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The average team of creatives wastes hundreds of hours stuck in meetings every year

Conventional brainstorming meetings are killing your creativity

  • Free Riding

    1 of 3 people participating in a brainstorming session rely on the collective effort of the group and don't participate in a meaningful way.

  • Conflicting Schedules

    Organizing a 1 hour meeting combining creatives, art directors, and project managers is a hassles.

  • Evaluation Apprehension

    Studies show that individuals brainstorming alone generate 2X the number of ideas compared to those participating in group sessions.


Hours wasted


In productivity loss

We've combined AI with a specialized interface to remove the need for these meetings

All you need to ideate quickly

AI Engine

Our AI is tuned to generate creative ideas

Tree Structure

Ideas are structured to give you more creative control


Each session is timed to eliminate productivity loss

Manage all your brainstroming sessions in one place

The creative director or project manager simply creates a brainstorming session with all the required details, assigns it to their team, and reviews when they're done.

Generate dozens of ideas in just 5 min

Each team member brainstorms individually with the help of our AI–this is timed and takes five minutes or less.